Essaouira booking

Discover Essaouira and its surroundings?
You want to discover Essaouira but you do not know where to start and what to visit? Here are some useful addresses and essential places to discover during your holidays in the region.
Essaouira is located within 200 kilometers from Marrakech. It is a port city also named the city of "Mogadors". The city is fortified like most cities in Morocco which allowed to repel the invaders. You can appreciate the different old guns and high fortifications of the city as you walk along the ramparts. Its beauty and history have made it famous worldwide. It is appreciated for its beauty and over the decades it has become an open-air movie set. She recently served as a natural setting for the American series known around the world "Games of Thrones".
When we arrive in a new city , one often feels lost and no one really knows what to visit and what sites you absolutely must see as well as addresses to be tested. Here are some addresses that should delight you whether you are visiting Essaouira in couple, family or friends.
• The walls and the Kasbah:
The city has high walls and beautiful kasbah. The houses are colored white and they are heigh so that you can enjoy the view and the rows of cannons that enabled people to defend themselves against invaders. The wind often blows in Essaouira although many think that the sun hits hard it is advisable to dress warmly in winter and they better protect themselves on sunny days to go around the medina and the ramparts on foot!
• The port of Essaouira:
The fish that are found on the shelves of merchants in Marrakesh and other cities in the region come mainly from the port of Essaouira and the surrounding area. The port is still active and in the morning you can even buy fish directly at the auction before going to have them grilled in one of the many shops of the city. Trawlers and small blue boats come together in the port. A true spectacle to discover. You can definitely take pretty pictures to keep as a souvenir of this unique and relaxing moment.
• Eating breakfast or snack at Driss:
Those who know the city will definitely recommend this mythical address and unconditional to have a good breakfast or snack. Pastry " Chez Driss " is located in the medina of Essaouira close to the fish shacks. These are undoubtedly the best pastries in the city and no question  about visiting Essaouira without stopping at "chez Driss ".
• The beach of Sidi Kaouki:
 twenty-five kilometers from Essaouira, you can discover the beach of Sidi Kaouki. A nice beach especially for surfers, surfing kit and other sports. The beaches of Sidi Kaouki are approximately 45 km long allowing you to enjoy your space on the beach even in summer and you do not end up on your neighbors towel like you do on the beach of Essaouira. It is the preferred destination for winter sports enthusiasts in Morocco. Everything is done to make you feel good there! Many riads are located in the surroundings of this beach like the Riad Dharma and others. A unique moment to spend a family holiday in Morocco away from your everyday life.
• An Argan cooperative:
The argan tree grows only in this region of Morocco. There is a climate suitable for producing fine fruit which are then crushed to make oil to season your dishes or beauty oil to fight against aging beauty. When you are on the road to Essaouira, you probably come across these small cooperatives. Stop to discover Argan oil and do some shopping if you feel like it. Beware still some products that contain no or very little argan oil because it is often cut with salad oil, sunflower. Talk to cooperatives or companies recognized for their reliability.
If you want to discover Essaouira at your own pace and enjoy the beauty of this area, book your room at Riad Dharma located a few kilometers from downtown for a holiday of relaxation and discovery.
Good discovery of Essaouira in Morocco and happy holidays to all!